1. Refer AWES mail dated 12/09/2017 for prevention of untoward incidents in APS and CBSE letter no. CBSE/AFF/SCHOOL/SAFETY/ 19 dated 14/09/2017 on Security / Safety of the students.

2. In this connection the following teachers are nominated to find the facts, how to prevent / avoid untoward incidents pertaining to sexual abuse, abduction.
(i) Mr. Sharadendu Srivastava (Vice Principal)
(ii) Mr. Naushad Khan PGT(Physics)
(iii) Mrs. Savita Hooda PGT(Chemistry)
(iv) Mrs. Neena Dixit PGT(Biology)
(v) Mr. D S Srivastava PGT(Maths)
(vi) Mrs. Harleen. S TGT (Geography)
(vii) Mrs. Neetu Mathew PRT
(viii) Mr. Deepak Yadav PRT
(ix) Mr. Jaiveer Singh Adm Supervisor

3. The committee assembled in language lab of the school and recommended the following point for SOP.
(a) Get the security / safety audit done of their premises and personnel from their respective local police station and follow the security related advice for the safety of school children. This may be complied and reported online on CBSE website within 2 months of receipt of this circular.
(b) Installed CC TV cameras at all vulnerable areas / point in the school premises and ensure they are functional at all the times.
(c) Police verification of all the staff employed .
(d) To constitute a parent-teacher-students committee to address the safety needs of the students and to take regular feedback from parents in this regard.
(e) The access to school building by outsiders should be controlled and visitors monitored.
(f) Training for staff to address their responsibilities to protect children from any form of abuse.
(g) The school shall constitute separate committees for redressal of public/staff/parents grievances, internal Complaints committee on sexual harassment and committees under POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offence) Act, 2012 and details of the these committees along with contact details shall be displayed prominently on School Notice Board and conspicuously on the school website for information of all stakeholders.
(h) Security personals should be appointed through Security Agencies for tight Vigilance.
(i) Open Areas of the wings should be covered by barbed wire.
(j) Safai Karamcheri should be assigned duties to remain outside the wash room during break and in last period.
(k) No child to be handed over to any one accepts parents after checking the ID before handing over.
(l) Daily counseling of the student by the teachers.
(m) Fixed time for parents to interact with school staff.
4. For your perusal please.